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Aside from her name, Mc Lean noted that Lyric often has music on in the background to help distract and calm her. @realjoeyfatone @lancebass @justintimberlake @jcchasezofficial and my Tennessee boy chris k A post shared by AJ Mc Lean (@aj_mclean) on The four of them are adorable, and we get the feeling that dance parties happen pretty often in their house.

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has been singing and entertaining since he was six years old.

The Boys would venture on as a quartet joining the NKOTBSB Tour with co-headliners New Kids on the Block until Richardson returned to the fold in 2012. “There’s almost a 10-year age gap between Kevin and Brian. But now we’re all older and all married, there’s definitely a new chemistry to the group. We still laugh like brothers.” Late-night bowling The film, says AJ, forced the group to “reconnect” but that process wasn’t always easy. And then there’s natural wear and tear to contend with. And then you have someone like Kevin who is conservative in some ways and not at all conservative in other ways. We couldn’t have made it through 22 years otherwise.” Impresario issues Back in the day, however, there were six major Backstreet players. But it’s also really hard to respect someone who lied to you face for who knows how long.” When did they realise something was amiss?

Under the patient gaze of director Stephen Kijak (, AJ and an old friend try to work out if the vomit he once drank in a late-night bowling alley was his own or someone else’s. As the film opens, we watch AJ struggle through a hillside hike, having blown his knees out years before. The band were initially formed when impresario Lou Pearlman – who also put N’Sync together – placed an ad seeking young vocalists in an Orlando newspaper. He gave us the opportunities that led us to getting signed to Jive Records. Had he not gone that route he’d still probably be a huge part of our lives.

“I feel like, lately, personally, I’ve gravitated more towards Brian,” explains AJ. The tattooed Mc Lean was always the most rebellious Backstreet Boy.

“I think it has happened because of what he has gone through with his voice.


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