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Symantec clients not updating definitions

During this time while they thought a GUP was being used, all clients at this remote site were actually updating definition directly from the SEPM.

On the next heartbeat interval the client will then download the definition from the GUP.This is a scenario where some people could believe that the environment would act in a full peer-to-peer fashion.Since the controls are in place to insure that definitions originate from a SEPM to the GUP this will not occur.If the client is not able to download the definition from the GUP due to the amount of time it takes or if the GUP is unavailable, it will then default to pulling definitions from the SEPM.This is to insure that definitions are available to the client even if GUPs are unavailable. To understand the bandwidth savings of using a GUP it is important to understand the amount of traffic generated by definitions updates.Things you need to be aware of when using Group Update Providers The most important thing to understand is that GUPs only work with Windows clients.Linux and OSX clients will not use the GUP functionality at all.Gueth is a Senior Security Consultant with Conventus specializing in Symantec Endpoint Protection and Symantec Data Center Security.He has worked in the IT Security field for over a decade including positions with Symantec and NASA.He has consulted for many Fortune 500 companies and assisted them with their security needs.To workaround issue: To avoid rebooting the system, SMC can also be restarted when the behavior occurs by running the command "smc -stop" followed by "smc -start".


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