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Stacy london and clinton dating

Now, if this had included cheese grits, it could pass for normal breakfast. Normally I wouldn’t eat grilled shrimp for breakfast, but that’s the whole thing with Paleo: You eat shrimp for breakfast, cauliflower for breakfast, whatever.

Unless you’re gonna eat eggs — which I’m not a big fan of — there aren’t many options.

You can catch her next Thursday, July 25, alongside Janeane Garofalo, Joy Behar, and Emily Nussbaum in Catie Lazarus’s comedy talk show Employee of the Month, but first see what a stegosaurus would sample, in this week’s Grub Street Diet.

Friday, July 12 Leftover grilled shrimp for breakfast at home, made with nothing but olive oil.

“No carbs, no dairy, no sugar, no anything fun,” she says.

“Eat the way cavemen ate, or as I keep confusing it, eat the way dinosaurs ate.” London still found a way to sneak plenty of non-dino-approved foods (and wine).

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It’s all delicious — though Alexis’s cheeseburger and fries look way more delicious.

I usually go for cashews and almonds, but hazelnuts have really thrown a pleasant spanner in the works here — a salad of Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, beets, and black radishes (yep: black and rad), which I found at the market. I feel so guilty about the almond-butter binge, I skip lunch and wait for the early bird dinner (yay, mid-forties!

I munch on some store-bought Boar’s Head turkey slices while I mix up my salad, just to make sure I get some protein in there. I go to sleep pretty impressed that I made a salad. I look at the label: almonds (well, one would hope), sugar, palm oil. ) I’m having with pals, really talented jewelry designers Alexis Bittar and Leeora Catalan, and Edwin, a friend of Alexis’s.

Saturday, July 13 I wake up starving and eat almost an entire jar of Mar Nara almond butter. At some point, I realize I am not simply eating out of hunger. The mouthfeel — this almond butter has the best mouthfeel of any almond butter ever. Cobble Hill is like the new Upper West Side, which is kind of hard for me, but I was really into the idea that we went at 6 p.m. Pretty much everything on the menu gets ordered between all four of us, but I still try to maintain some discipline.

for dinner, and we were this ragamuffin crew that was like some weird, twisted version of . I get the kale, quinoa, and avocado salad, but since each ingredient comes in its own pile on the plate, I skip eating the quinoa (I can’t remember if that’s allowed).


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