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Sprung the dating game ds 1st yr dating anniversary gifts for him

Either way, you'll mix and mingle with the same handful of characters, from Shana the crazy hippie to Colin the spoiled trust-fund brat.is a collection of conversation scenes, where Brett or Becky will attempt to woo a potential hookup (or cajole a favor out of a friend) with killer opening lines and well-placed witticisms.The last time we saw Ubisoft's DS game Sprung we got a random sampling of the action, and it left us curious as to how the proper game was going to play out.

This ends up working out pretty well for Sprung's scenario-driven gameplay, as there's nothing like a wacky misadventure you have to talk your way out of to help a dating sim move along. You'll simply work your way through the different scenarios in each character's journey to getting some play.Beginning the adventure, players can choose to take the role of either Brett or Becky.Brett's a cute but not overly confident ski bum who's been secretly in love with Becky since the second grade.You can use the stylus to play the entire game, pointing and clicking to pick dialogue options and items, but after the novelty wears off, players may find that it's much faster to use the directional pad and buttons.The system's dual screens show both conversation partners at once, so you can gauge your dates' reactions by their facial expressions, which are animated in cartoon style.Steer the conversation the right way and you'll progress to the next round.The Nintendo DS hardware's touch-screen functionality barely comes into play.Becky has just broken up with her boyfriend of two years and needs to shake him off before she can get back into the swing of things and find true love.Stick with your own gender, or see things from the other side – it's your call.As you get deeper into the game, the scenarios will get longer.There will be checkpoints that you can continue from if you fail the scene, so you don't have to restart the game completely.


  1. Download the game Sprung - The Dating Game Europe ROM for NDS / Nintendo DS. Free and instant download.

  2. Rent or buy Sprung for DS or get DS critic reviews, user reviews, pictures, screenshots, videos and more. Not so sprung. This game is your basic dating simulation.

  3. Sprung" is a real-life dating video game which shows you how a man and a woman named as Brett and Becky, respectively, are trying to find their real love.

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