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Single parent dating henderson nevada

This scholarship program is administered through the Nevada State Treasurer’s Office, and made possible by the cooperative 1999 efforts of several State Government agencies, including the Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents.High school seniors with exceptional academic standing are encouraged to apply.The initiative offers disadvantaged students the opportunity to work in community service jobs while still attending school.Requirements that qualify candidates include: single parent household, age 22 or older, financially disadvantaged, and a lack of social, cultural or familial support, combined with a history of educational displacement.Program participants are given priority admissions consideration at some schools, and receive reduced tuition for studying certain fields.For approved academic programs, tuition rates are drawn down to in-state levels for student exchange participants.It is strongly suggested that you know quite a bit about a person, and that you feel they may be around long term, before you introduce them to your children.

Generally, Nevada college students enrolling in other participating western states qualify for tuition reduction that lowers their total fees to rates only 50% higher than those enjoyed by residents of those states.

Priority consideration for Nevada Regents Service Program is given to candidates who file FAFSA by February 1st.

Like many other Western states, Nevada contains large rural regions that are typically considered medically under-served by many health-care professions.

To support the efforts of needy state students, financial aid originates from a variety of public and private sector sources.

In addition to large-scale federal government assistance programs, Nevada students rely on state-specific resources to meet college expenses.


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