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Men are also experiencing erectile dysfunction as early as 20, possibly resulting from desensitization to sexual imagery. We can see efforts in this direction, such as the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, which shows realistic body types in ads and sponsors projects to improve women’s self-esteem; Dear Kate, a women’s underwear company that rejects idealized models and airbrushing; and the Always Likea Girl campaign, promoting female empowerment.Many men are starving for real human connection, but are only being taught to satiate their hunger in empty and unfulfilling ways. While these are still companies selling products, they have at least begun to offer more empowered—and non-sexualized—images of women.These media pioneers are the exception to the rule, but I hope that one day in my lifetime the rule will change. This recent study found that people more favorably evaluated brands that avoided sexualized ads compared to those that used them.Perhaps treating people with dignity and respect can sell products.Now that I understand how common body-image struggles are, I’ve begun to wonder who is really sick—my clients or our culture?So, I spent the last year documenting pieces of the world around me, gathering evidence of a toxic cultural milieu.According to an article written in 2015 by journalist Jillian Berman, “Sales at the Tilted Kilt, Twin Peaks and Brick House…have grown at a double-digit pace over the last year.” Younger people are also increasingly exposed to sexual imagery. I came across these ads in various women’s magazines and in , in several medical office waiting rooms, including a pediatrician’s office: According to social learning theory, audiences are more likely to be persuaded to buy a product if the advertising narrative is easily recognizable and frequently repeated.

In any case, the body becomes an object that exists for sexual pleasure, leading to self-objectification.

Perhaps what we all want is a culture where we can feel safe and authentic––where we all prefer to walk, not drive, across the street.

Get Shadia Duske, MA, LPC, NCC is a licensed psychotherapist in Denver with a strong interest in feminist issues.

I know people with plenty of money that are miserable We all need to earn in this world we live Most work for it, some steal, but many worship it Some sell poison for it, some seek employment for it We need it to survive, so some clean the toilets for it I need papes to live but never will I live for papes Abolish the Queen, I don't wanna see that witch's face Many sell their soul for it, no not me Some will try to tell you that it doesn't grow on trees I heard the saying said, many a time, but they were wrong Cause if it doesn't tell me then where do you get the paper from?

Most think they will be happy if they only had more of it Some waste it, some feel more important because they're born with it Some have got the nerve to say you're fraudulent for forging it The truth is you don't need a fortune to be fortunate [Hook: Shadia Mansour] Lowkey raps about the difference of materialistic happiness and real happiness, coming to the conclusion that money doesn’t make you happy.


  1. Oct 26, 2017. Shadia Thabet, a member of the parliament's health committee, meanwhile urged jail terms for “inciting” homosexuality on social media to be raised to seven. The undercover policemen were increasingly offering to pay money for sex via these dating apps in a bid to entrap vulnerable and impoverished.

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