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Say me hi dating online dating for uk

Surely there are exceptions-reply to the exceptions.

I get loads of 'hi' messages, often when I look at the profile, there is very little there, or we have nothing in common. I check his profile, 'looking for a sporty girl' well that's not me, and no where in my profile does it say I am into sports.

All the guys saying, 'its because we get ignored anyway' you are always moaning that you don't get any replies and we women say we don't want these short messages. OP, outside of a slightly more comprehensive interest section ( still with many of the same ol same oles), your profile does what many a female profile does. You should be happy you get a hey as a starting point.

If messages were based on strength of a profile, you should get a hey once every 3 months tops. Ironically complaining about the lack of depth in the tank.

And apart from finding the time, how do you know where to go to find that ideal man or woman?

Or if you're shy, how do you cope with having to strike up conversation when you know absolutely nothing about each other?

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. " Doesn't seem like they even take the time to look at my profile to see if we might have something in common. " Doesn't seem like they even take the time to look at my profile to see if we might have something in common. If you look at their pictures and profile and are interested - why don't you write them back and see if they have more to say?

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Our current database has thousands of like-minded singles who can't wait to say "Hi! They too have realised that online dating can be a fun, easy way to meet new people and could be the start of something special.The answer is they're stupidly ineffectual msgers, too witless to consider--imagine trying to relate to them in a conversation--they wait for you to use language, say "ditto" or agree because their gonads have stolen their language skills.You're just gal#45, just a vagina-sorry to be crass but ugh I've heard how men talk.I think women are being way too picky about what the initial message says.Just as a few have already mentioned, the number of "picky" women on this site that ignore messages is outstanding. If the guy messaged you, he's interested...hands down.IOW, you're in a sit-down-dinner mind set and they're in a fast-food mind set.Either level your expectations with reality, or continue to reject people based on your expectation that they be different.somehow you could figure out a way to work with that. I received this intriguing message yesterday from a lady...here it is in it's entirety: I'm not understanding how this is any different than a "Hi/Hello/Hey sexy" message. " doesn't mean that they've actually read the entire profile.:: shrugs :: I've never had the problem of having too many meaningless messages in my Inbox. If you like what you see then respond back with a hi,hello then all is well and no response means you're not interested..If it's supposed to be good enough for us, maybe it should be good enough for you.I wonder how many decent guys you passed on just because they tried to see if you'd even message them back before trying to start a conversation.


  1. Check out these 5 online dating tips and first message example to help you write the perfect. you can take a really long time thinking of what to say. Hi.

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