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Reasons for backdating council tax

To request backdating either There is no formal definition of 'good cause', each case will be decided according to its own individual situation.

There are no formal time limits on making a backdate request, but the maximum period that a benefit claim can be backdated is 6 months In order for a claim to be backdated we must be satisfied that: You will need to show continuous good cause for not claiming earlier and we must be satisfied that your circumstances, during this time were such that any reasonable person of your age and experience would also have failed to claim benefit.

If you do need us to backdate your reduction, the rules about when we can backdate are different for different groups of people.

It depends on whether or not you have reached the 'qualifying age for State Pension Credit.

If you are experiencing difficulties paying your rent, or you have got into arrears, you may need to make sure you request backdating for an earlier period. Pensioners can have their Housing Benefit claim treated as made up to 3 months earlier, without the need to request backdating.

Read the instructions the rules on backdating benefit below.

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For anyone over the State Pension age we can treat the claim as being made up to 3 months earlier.

A Council Tax Support claim will normally start from the Monday following the date of first contact with a designated office, these are our Council Offices, Department of Work and Pensions and some local housing services.

However, in certain circumstances it is possible that your Council Tax Support can be awarded for an earlier period, this is what is called backdating your claim.

You have to prove "good cause" but we must take account of all the facts of your case.

Some examples of when you may have "good cause" are: Your claim will be considered by a Benefits Officer.


  1. Backdating claims - Housing Benefit and Council Tax. The rules on backdating Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support. the reasons for this will be explained in.

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  3. If you have a good reason for not claiming your benefits earlier, you can ask us to consider backdating your benefits.

  4. Backdating your claim. Usually a Council Tax Reduction claim is paid from the date it has been received. However, occasionally, some customers will want it paid from.

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