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Qiao en and ming dao dating

The festivities have moved from Hawaii back to Taiwan for the final stop in TW-actress Ady An‘s wedding extravaganza of the year.Celebrity weddings can be lavish and over-the-top and Ady’s definitely is up there in terms of how much money she and her billionaire hubby must have spent to pay for everything, including all expenses for the Hawaii wedding guests.I felt that they basically summed up one of the main themes of the story and also foreshadowed all the deception and plots later in the story.From ep 1-10, I can only give a brief outline cause I can’t recall what happened in exactly every episode…Otw, she met up with hai tian who hated her because she caused the deaths of his family. That’s how they start their getting to know each other process. Hai tian and CQN get to know each other better as CQN continues staying with him as she finds out the harm she brought to him and feels bad.He got her drunk and sold her for nothing to the brothel. HT later gets followers on his side and all of them set off leaving CQN and his dad together.At first she thought he was courting her, but alas, that was not the case.

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But this changes when the officials come knocking and searching for the dad so in order to protect him CQN gets beaten up.Joe Chen adds, “With Ming Dao, I know him too well, so well that there’s nothing else to know.” was her first period drama and she was glad that Ming Dao’s presence made her feel comfortable in a new environment. Ming Dao follows up with stories about them eating out after work and how he never thought twice to call her in the middle of the night to talk. However, Joe reportedly was dropped off as the lead actress in the sequel of “Queen of SOP” , in which the popular idol series was produced by Ming Dao’s production company.As Joe reportedly asked for an exorbitant filming fee, she was being downgraded as a guest star in the sequel.So after a lot of HOOHUH on CQN and MD r/s and how in the end they couldn’t get married, CQN’s mum died in order to save the Lu family who got into trouble because of CQN & MD r/s since MD was wanted by the court.MG ran away after her lies were discovered and then she met this young chap who fell in love with her and gave away her virginity to him before she left for the palace.Started on this show 2 days back and I basically stayed up late for one day and got this far haha So…just a recap on what has been going on so far 🙂 The show opened with separate scenes of young Miao Ge (later played by Yuan Shan Shan) and young Yun Kuang.How she ended up in the palace is another huge mess because actly the king saw CQN and fell in love with her beauty but she ran away and left her knife with the LU family sign so MG “sacrificed” herself in place of CQN.“Sacrifice” because she actly wanted to get into the palace and tried all means to get in but couldn’t.


  1. I have seen many of Ming Dao’s movies, I still prefer Ming Dao’s pairing with Joe Chen Qiao En. Natural, pleasant and amazing chemistry. Still hope that they.

  2. Watching this chinese show that stars actress Chen Qiao En who plays the lead, Ming Dao and Luo Jin! Link to the show on drama wiki is --.

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