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I have changed this in the print page as well, only to have the "Print Slides" checkbox clear itself once I click Apply To All.

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When you toggle the visibility of a slide number off and then back on, the number in the slide number placeholder is automatically reset by Power Point to its default value, overriding any number sequence changes applied as described below.

I then do the same from the regular view of the presentation.

Each time I go in, the option is again unchecked, even after I apply to all.

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I try to add a page number in Power Point 2007, but it doesn't appear.


  1. You can change or remove the header and footer information on your presentation slides, notes, and handouts. To change or delete the text of headers and footers on PowerPoint slides, notes, and handouts, follow the steps in this article. If you want to add an image to. Insert or change the page numbers on your slides.

  2. Jan 10, 2017. Learn how to add Slide Numbers on slides and Masters in PowerPoint 2016, and more tricks on making them work to your will.

  3. Try Viewing your Master and then inserting the page number. View Slide Master; Insert Header & Footer Slide Number going through Header & Footer alone might be your solution; Check Slide number; Apply to All.

  4. It is very confusing and nothing updates properly. Simple workaround remove footers everywhere masters, layouts and slides; forget about them; insert normal textboxes on the master slide in the footer area; you can insert fields in these textboxes via insert, then date/time or slide number; format as.

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