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Only 10 people showed up seeking sex with children during Pinellas County's recent crackdown —Operation Cyber Justice.

The sting, which ran for four days ending Sunday, involved investigators posing as minors online, including on classified pages, social media and chat rooms, the Sheriff's Office said.

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Among those arrested include three Walt Disney World employees and a valet attendant at an Orlando strip club who arrived with the kids' meal in hand, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

In a stunning video capturing detectives' busts one-by-one, a vacant home in Clermont is seen used as a staging point for their arrests after luring the men online.

This marks the third operation of its kind in Pinellas this year.

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One of the men, 47-year-old David Griffith, later confessed to having previously made arrangements to meet a 7-year-old in another county for sex, according to police.

A search of his emails uncovered conversations between Griffith and the child's mother that police said supported his claims.


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  2. Feb 12, 2014. Twenty-two men have been collared in an underage sex sting in central Florida that unveiled one man reportedly bringing a McDonald's Happy Meal to a. The weeklong bust by the Lake County Sheriff's Cyber Crimes Detectives unearthed the accused child predators after detectives posed in online chat.

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