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We’re already a far ways into a new generation of online dating.

Now that the social stigmas have been turned upside down its quite common that you or someone close have made quality relationships through a dating app at least once before.

Unless these apps get more innovative and keep their eyes on the prize, many will most likely start drying up one by one, a process that has already begun; natural selection if you will.

Yup, robots and artificial intelligence will certainly become a strong asset to dating app developers and users alike.

However, when presented with a sensory overload of people in hopes to match with someone random, most yielded matches after a swipe campaign were created without careful thought or intent that this match is a committed, agreed first date.

As a result, people are focusing on too many different users which lowers the quality of the experience where we now see most matches go cold these days. Tinder and apps like Bumble or other recycled Tinder UI’s have been sending pretty dire warning signals that they are seriously struggling to carry on into the “3rd wave of dating apps”.

Listing logic does its best to take notes about specific details and patterns/trends of a user’s activity (what they are attracted to in this case). Although it is hard to predict the future, one thing that is for certain is that the dating app industry is a 4-billion dollar industry that has been growing at a steady pace of 5% year-over-year since 2013.

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Data shows us that millennials are actually very happy and capable of paying for dating apps that get first dates.

The League — A dating app that prides itself on an app with the most affluent and intelligent dating pool.

To even get accepted into the community there is an initial screening process and requirements to meet.

Here are just a few examples from the 100’s of niche dating apps/sites available now: Align — A dating app that matches you with people based on your zodiac signs.

Famers Only — A dating site that connects single farmers looking for a shot at love.


  1. Dec 27, 2017. But the dating landscape in 2018 will see some new trends, says online dating expert Julie Spira, and dating apps will only continue to grow. business networking with social networking and dating apps will become the go-to place to find a date, a friend, or a business associate,” she tells Global News.

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