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It may also be recommended that the mother see her GP or a gynaecologist that could step in should any emergency arise during the pregnancy or during labour.This, as we will learn later, is often where the mother is robbed of a natural pregnancy.As nurses, flight attendants, and primary school teachers, they broadcast their helpfulness with unquenchable smiles.A glowing grin may be feminine, but it’s not necessarily : Stay-at-home dads beam just as brightly as stay-at-home moms, La France and her colleague Elizabeth Paluck explain in a 2003 paper, and male receptionists radiate the same cheer as their female counterparts.An unscientific scan of high school yearbook photos, newspaper clippings, Facebook pics, and advertisements backs up those studies: Women flash their pearly whites far more frequently than men, at least when someone is taking their picture. While a performed or deliberate smile requires just the zygomaticus major, the muscle around the mouth, “real” smiles involve both the lips and the muscles ringing the eyes, the orbicularis oculi.And in simulated job interviews, female participants salt their speech with smiles, while male test subjects are more likely to adopt neutral (read: alluringly strong and stoic) expressions. Or as Duchenne put it, one type of grin “obeys the will, but the second is only put into play by the sweet emotions of the soul.” (Or as Tyra put it, “smile with your eyes.”) , pointed me toward a lot of the studies mentioned here).“For heaven’s sake, what kind of question is that,” Messud shot back. To ask why is to step into the laser grid of unspoken rules governing the arrangement of male and female faces—the gendered ways we police social performance.

Another explanation for the sex difference in smiling, the dominance-status hypothesis, hinges on power dynamics.

The effect persisted when a different group of participants was presented with images of cheerful or angry adult faces.

People readily identified smiling women as female and wrathful men as male, but they took longer and stumbled more often when confronted with furious female countenances or beaming male ones.

In a phone interview, La France explained that only about 20 percent of smiles are authentic Duchennes.

Men and women unfurl these expressions with equal frequency.


  1. Update, April 27, 2017 Since this article was published in June 2016, the military policy bill was restructured and the language requiring women to.

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