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Guerilla dating tactics

The troops disembark aboard the quad bikes and prepare their general- purpose machine guns (GPMGs) and Barrett sniper rifles.The SAS’s raids are intended to degrade Islamic State’s fighting capability ahead of a spring offensive by 20,000 Iraqi and Kurdish troops next year, with the UK providing additional training for these soldiers.Al-Habashi grew up in North London in a British-Eritrean family and converted to Islam when he was 16.In August, al-Habashi told the BBC he had gone to Syria nine months earlier and had been fighting both there and in Iraq.

So we are a long way off a practical solution to the problem of IS.’The Mail on Sunday has learned that since IS began its campaign in Syria and Iraq, more than 35 British jihadists have lost their lives.The mission to defeat the 200,000-strong IS forces will be led by a senior US officer, Lieutenant General James Terry.It is likely that his second in command will be a senior British officer, Lieutenant General Tom Beckett.The troops are also equipped with quad bikes – four-wheeled all-terrain vehicles that can have machine guns bolted on to a frame.They then seek out IS units and attack the terrorists using the element of surprise and under the cover of darkness.Softly spoken Lieut Gen Beckett first deployed to Iraq in 2003, when the tragedy of the Red Caps marked the beginning of an insurgency against the British presence in the country’s southern provinces.At the time, the Red Caps, or Royal Military Policemen, were attached to the Parachute Regiment’s 1st Battalion led by Beckett.But Middle East experts are questioning whether the UK’s strategy to defeat IS stands any chance of success.Professor Gareth Stansfield from Exeter University told The Mail on Sunday: ‘Not only is the Islamic State stronger than previous organisations, it has also learned lessons from them.‘For example, IS has few fixed operational centres and its chain of command remains mobile.Al-Habashi is thought to have appeared in at least two IS videos posted online.Dharda comes from a British-Somali background and grew up in West London.


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