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Geocaching and dating

Another controversial move was the monopoly control Irish unilaterally imposed over the database of cache locations, refusing to provide the full list to anyone.Criticisms of his actions on the original gpsstash mailing list were met with the establishment of his own mailing list hosted on his own site.On May 1, 2000, President Clinton announced that this scrambling, known as Selective Availability (SA), would be turned off.Civilians were then able to enjoy accuracy on the order of 10 meters. The rule of take something, leave something, sign the logbook.By mid-2003, had over 150,000 registered users, including an estimated 7,200 paid subscribers at per year.

And how Dave Ulmer and Navicache and Robin Lovelock became words that you dare not utter on

Reportedly, Jeremy Irish threatened a lawsuit unless Quinn's site delete use of the word geocaching, presumably because of Irish's trademark application.

Quinn resisted and instead turned into a full-fledged geocaching resource, adding cache listings.

The original Web page is gone, but thanks to the Wayback Machine, a copy of the GPS Stash Hunt Homepage still exists. Its archives contain the best record of the early days of the hobby. Matt Stum suggested "geocaching" to avoid the negative connotations of the word "stash".

On May 15, James Coburn set up a mailing list on e Groups (now Yahoo! So, within a month, the hobby had in place the rules, its first hides and finds, a mailing list and a home page. On September 2, 2000, Jeremy Irish emailed the gpsstash mailing list that he had registered the domain name and had setup his own Web site.


  1. Geocaching /ˈdʒiːoʊˌkæʃɪŋ/ is an outdoor recreational activity, in which participants use a Global Positioning System GPS receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called "geocaches" or "caches", at specific locations marked by coordinates all over the world. A typical.

  2. Wandelen tijdens een date is leuk. Lekker genieten van natuur of cultuur. Maar zoek je een grotere uitdaging? Ga dan eens een leuke geocache route lopen. Geocachen is een soort van modern schatzoeken en dat kan met een smartphone of met een GPS apparaat. Er zijn heel veel geocaches in.

  3. Geocaching Authorized Developer. Project-GC is a site trying to deliver all kinds of dynamically generated statistics related to Geocaching. Added to that we have plenty of maps and tools that might be useful to you. More information can be found here. To provide you with data we are using the Groundspeak Geocaching.

  4. Users Interested In geocaching. Online Dating. when the moon. I didn't know what to write in this column for the longest time. I still don't really know what to say. I guess I'll keep it a short and sweet and simply say that I'm a normal, well adjusted guy, Ottawa Ontario Regua 42 Man Seeking Women. Dating Online. Loving life.

  5. The first recorded instance of a geocaching get-together now known as an event cache was held in Austin, Texas, on March 24, 2001. It was hosted by Eoghan and Pumpkin Princess. The "hide" date was set as the actual date of the event which became standard practice and the meeting location coordinates were used.

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