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"Part of the inspiration for Thumper was that there were very few games trying to create a 'hard psych' experience.Most psychedelic games are going for a floaty, spacey, trippy feeling.Mizuguchi also included the sex toy-like peripheral – the Trance Vibrator – in the original retail version that would pulsate to the game’s propulsive techno soundtrack (provided by the likes of electronic musicians Ken Ishii, Coldcut and Oval).

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But ironically enough, Rez works really well with the limitations we're all working with right now.”Both of these cutting-edge VR titles will ship alongside vinyl LP soundtrack releases.

Thales Nederland is active in the Defence (Hengelo), Transport and Security (Huizen) sectors and is, with about 2000 employees, a top provider of high-tech jobs.

Product innovation and swift anticipation of the newest technological possibilities are the mainsprings of our business.

Examples are radar, communication and command & control systems for naval ships and communication, security and payment systems for trade and industry.

Thales Nederland is part of the Thales Group, which has a workforce of 62.000 in more than 50 countries making it one of Europe’s largest electronics companies.


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