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Friendship reading circles books dating how to break the ice dating

In comparison, a membership-based internet friendship site makes it easy and safe for women to reach out to each other and search for friends who would be most compatible.Safety is a major concern for Blain and Girlfriend Social.

Without any controls or means of regulating its users, Craigslist and other online community-based bulletin boards are a hit-or-miss option.Girlfriend Social is designed purely for women to socially meet new friends and is the only free social network that allows women to create complete profiles, match with friends, chat with others, discuss hot topics, and to meet other women at live events, face-to-face."Blain came up with the idea following a move to a new city; at her new job, her co-workers were mostly male.She soon realized the obstacles to a friendship that women face today are vastly different from those our mothers encountered.Wouldn't it be nice if a website facilitated those meetings the same way dating sites do?If you're skeptical of the idea of internet friendship sites, consider this.The demands of family life and career leave little time to step outside the ordinary routine, meet new people, and then go from there.As Blaine notes, "Even if you take new classes, go for gym workouts, or start new hobbies, it’s still difficult to make that jump from acquaintance to friendship with the people you meet."Women who do not have a 'significant other' in their lives encounter additional friendship challenges.Sometimes the friends you have aren’t calling you anymore, you’re not calling them, or you find your priorities have changed.Adding some new people to your life can help you through these transitions."Older women, in particular, find it hard to meet new people after spending years in the same social circle."Many things have changed including the expectations women put on themselves.Many are working, have children, and find themselves trying to juggle work and family life.


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