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Free trial adult dating site lines

The scam here is when you try to reply you need to "upgrade your membership" as you can see circled in red in the evidence below.

As stated above upgrades are not free like they lead you to believe because they need your credit card information and then they start billing you with monthly charges.

This means that any profile with that logo on it is completely fake.

admits to it and actually calls the fake profiles that they themselves create "Fantasy Profiles".

All the so-called women viewing your profile are "Fantasy Profiles", meaning they are not real females.

If you try to communicate back to these women who viewed your profile you need to upgrade by giving the website your credit card information at which time they will scam you.

But using image reversed software we were able to identify a few of the dating profile images located on other adult image sites.

What's really going on here is that this website uses a computer software program called a "bot" short for robot.

Unfortunately many people do not pay attention and in this particular case if you are not paying attention you can easily get scammed out of 1.78 per month that is recurring.

This website is not free at all, in fact it is a fraud that tricks you by using the word "free" a multitude of times on the payment page to trick you into thinking it's free.

Another popular con that many scam dating sites use is with fictitious profile views. You can see from the evidence below that we received 6 views to our profile on this site.

That in itself is not really a scam but what happens is that you will be interested in seeing who viewed your profile.


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