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Eclipse updating indexes slow

But not all the time I open Eclipse to work with Maven or Git.

Can these plugins be less resource consuming and let me trigger the indexing process when I want?

Another well-known issue is the error message on pom editor due to m2e does not recognize Maven plugin.

It is very confusing for newbie to see this kind of errors.

Eclipse market is still great but lots of plugins are not so well tested and may create performance or stability issue.It may not be very appealing to Eclipse veteran like myself but for a starter, it is a great advantage.Like any other wars in the technology worlds, Eclipse and Netbeans keep copying each other features for so long that it is very hard to find something that one IDE can do and the other one cannot.Intelli J is a commercial IDE and we will not compare it to Eclipse in this article. I myself have tried Netbeans, compared it to Eclipse 3.0 and never came back.But the Netbeans that Eclipse is fighting now and the Netbeans that I have tried are simply too different.Look at what Netbeans offers, it is quite interesting for me to see how far Netbeans has improved and how Eclipse is getting slower and more difficult to use nowadays than in the past.Let I share my experience on that mini war and my point of view on how Eclipse should be improved to keep its competitive edge.Let share some thoughts: Why don’t make it simpler like Chrome installation when new Eclipse can copy whatever settings that I have done on the old Eclipse?Eclipse is nice, it helps us to index Maven and Git repository so that we can work faster later.From there, Eclipse simply dominates the market share of Java IDE for the next decade.Even the C/C and Php folks also built their IDE plugin on top of Eclipse. Eclipse is still good, but not that much better than its competitors any more.


  1. Apr 21, 2015. You wouldn't believe it until you try it yourself. I've been using the Eclipse Mars developer milestones lately, and I've been having some issues with slow compilation. I always thought it was because of the m2e integration, which has never been famous for working perfectly. But then, it dawned upon me.

  2. Oct 20, 2008. Opening the project takes about 30 minutes and most of the time involves re-indexing of all files, including JDK classes by comparison, "mvn eclipseclean eclipseeclipse" takes about a minute - Very often IDEA becomes totally unresponsive and hangs forever when the project is opened - After running a.

  3. Nov 27, 2014. Install/Update Automatic Updates Uncheck “Automatically find new updates”; General Appearance Uncheck Enable Animations; Stay with the default theme. Unfortunately, anything else makes it really laggy and slow. I personally turn off autosuggestions so that they don't slow down my typing.

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