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Dianna agron and trevor donovan dating

This wouldn't fall into the season 2 filming schedule for where I'm at at the moment. For Cory, the agreement to be friends meant keeping his feelings for her held back and controlled for longer.

He obviously didn't like the situation, but if it was what Dianna wanted, he would do it to make her happy.

"My name is Casandra Ventura but I go by the name Cassie.

I sing mostly R&B and hip-hop.""Alright, great everyone.

Cory had gotten to the shoot the earliest of the six of them since his house was the closest to the location of the shoot. He had extra time so he walked around and met the photographer and some of the crew, one of which who showed him to the area where he could wait.

After the assistant left, Cory looked down the line of fold up director style chairs with the names of each of them printed on the chairs.

Right in a line, he read the names of the people who would be on the shoot since he didn't know who they'd be. It was supposed to be a surprise meet and greet kind of thing. The first two chairs read Cory Monteith and Dianna Agron, then there was Jessica Szohr, Cassie, then there was Trevor Donovan, and the last chair read Alex Meraz.''He continued to shuffle around the room and explore.

He grabbed a small finger sandwich off of the snack table and a water bottle out of a surrounding drink cart.

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He was too into Dianna to try and hit on this girl."Cory." he returned with a smile."Ahh, so here everyone is.There was a little bit of a case of writer's block as well. I am totally disregarding the timeline of real life in some of these chapters, just like I make some true facts and others AU. Only about a couple of weeks had passed since Dianna and Cory had agreed to basically just be friends without actually saying the words, 'We are only going to be friends.' They had the mutual decision of things going back to the way they were before, before all the drama that happened at the club.The real photoshoot happened back in the spring of 2010. They were each genuinely surprised on how quick and easy it was to get back to what Cory liked to call 'Normalville' and continue being the close friends they were.I know you guys have been kind of kept in the dark about what type of shoot we're doing and who your castmates would be.Firstly, this campaign is split into two different lines.Just say your name and since I know that all of you with one exception are actors, say the show you are on and who you play as well."The photographer looked to Dianna first to start since she was closest to him. "Hi, my name is Dianna Agron and I play Quinn Fabray on .""Alright, I'm Alex Meraz and I play Paul, one of the wolfs in the Twilight series."Finally, they had gotten to the end of the line with only one more person to introduce."Okay, I'm the exception," the girl laughed, as did everyone else. I had this chapter outline for the longest time and actually looked up pictures for this chapter since it's based off of Cory and Dianna's Op photoshoot. Her coming back with a boyfriend from her movie hinders that a bit. Friendship/Angst/Romance Rating: If there could be one between T and MI am really sorry about the wait.We're just waiting for three more before we start for the day guys." the photographer's assistant announced as he walked into the room."Help yourselves to some refreshments while we wait if you haven't had lunch yet."Only about fifteen minutes later had the rest of the cast for the shoot arrived.


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