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Dead end dating series tv

When Brian finds Eli dead from a gunshot, he becomes the main suspect in an FBI murder investigation.

Brian Finch (Mc Dorman), a 28-year-old burnout and struggling musician, is introduced to NZT-48, a miracle drug that gives him access to every neuron in his brain. The FBI doesn't know about the shot and Brian has to keep both worlds separate.Rebecca goes to an exhibition of her father's last paintings and Brian finds her father in the NZT files.After recovering all of the files the FBI has on NZT which includes information about suspected users past & present, one of which being Rebecca's late father, Brian very badly wants to tell her, but worries that telling her will blow his cover.Rebecca confronts Epperly, and he reveals he faked his death after NZT started circulating on the streets.Finally, Morra gives Brian the shot and five extra NZT pills.She paid a known terrorist to help with the release of her niece from Southeast-Asian pirates.This brings the whole NZT program at the FBI to a halt and Brian briefly retreats to Naz's home (his new safe house).Afraid of committing treason and not wanting to betray Rebecca, Brian fabricates a file.Sands has Brian's father infected with a virus, forcing Brian to steal the real files.He also has a chance encounter with Shauna (Analeigh Tipton), a former love interest, and starts up a new relationship with her. Sands, calls himself Brian's new boss and threatens to harm Brian's friends and family if Brian does not comply with his every request on behalf of Morra's interests. Brian receives his first confidential case investigating a Chinese spy.However, when his new online friend Arthur Maciel is framed for the murder of a former business partner, Rebecca helps Brian look into the police investigation instead. Sands asks Brian to find out how much the FBI knows about NZT and threatens to withhold the counter-effect drug until he has their files.


  1. Drop Dead Diva is an American legal. Lifetime announced that despite the cliffhanger at the end of. the company behind the hit 2015-2016 TV series Six.

  2. Jessica Greco, Actress The Recruit. Jessica Greco was born in Thornhill, Ontario. TV Series pre-production. - Dead End Street 2011.

  3. From the grim reality of dead-end jobs to the horrors of dating. the series' approach to dating either. So 20 years after it first appeared on TV.

  4. Back in February, I told you that Disney/ABC had optioned Kimberly Raye's Dead End Dating book series. Her writing features heroine Lil Marchette, who is a.

  5. The Last Man on Earth TV series. he worked dead-end jobs and lived in a studio apartment for which his parents paid the rent. whom she is dating.

  6. Limitless TV series. she suspects that her father was using NZT before he was found dead in. It becomes clear near the end of the mission that Brian will.

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