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There were a lot of well to do people there who had high paying jobs. It’s a moral matter or right and wrong, good and bad.” I am aware that Chinese think like that along with Asians in general. 12 Comments Filed under American, Asians, Chinese (Ethnic), Conservatism, Culture, East Indians, Higher Education, Labor, Liberalism, Political Science, Psychology, Race/Ethnicity, Regional, Sociology, South Asians, USA, Whites . Caucasians (Whites), Africans (Blacks), Asians or Australoids?Everyone was very nice to everyone else, even the trashmen, the clerks in the 7-11’s, and gas stations, basically all of what you would call lousy, low paying jobs. They’ve mostly been females, possibly young females. These are the four macro races of man, though honestly, there may be more than that.We just think they are backwards, wrongheaded people with a frankly disgusting and immoral point of view. I cannot emphasize strongly enough how much American society opposes bragging, talking about superior people and inferior people, or acting like you are better than other people. Certainly if I said my college majors were superior to some other inferior majors, I would get told to shut up too.

There are some other theories about East Indians suggesting that they are Asians.It wasn’t long before everyone on the whole trip hated him. Others started making subtle remarks telling him to knock it the Hell off. Towards the end of the weeklong trip, I made some oblique comment about how his bragging about being rich was really angering a lot of people in the group and that people had been communicating this to him all week. We are very much a class-oriented society, but we are supposed to pretend that we are all equal.Americans probably hate Communism more than any other people, but there is this odd attitude in the US that we are somehow a classless society or at least that .Lee: Well, basically every Chinese have this “I am superior and these people are inferior” thing…Hong Konger and Taiwanese thinks they’re superior than mainland Chinese; Shanghainese think they’re superior than all the rest of the country, city folks think they’re superior than rural folks; Southerns thinks they’re superior than Northerners and vice versa; science students thinks they’re superior than liberal art students; kids think my parents/dogs/toys are superior than yours…I went on a ski trip with him and other students to Colorado.From early on in the trip, he bragged all the time about how rich his family was. He figured out what I meant, and he told me in an annoyed tone that he had gotten the message loud and clear.It is considered in very bad taste to brag about how rich you are or even to visibly look down on people of lower classes.If you do so openly, you are going to get told to knock it off in one way or another. There was a guy at my junior college whose parents were rich.They just think that Liberal Arts degrees are useless and a waste of money. They will say that people from some state are living in the Dark Ages or they are backwards, racist people.I have two Liberal Arts or Humanities degrees – three is you count teaching. They’re not really inferior – they just have a point of view that is not compatible with modern society.


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