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Eight other forces, including North Wales Police and Cleveland Police revealed their numbers, but said that they had fewer than 10 computers still using Windows XP.

While London's Metropolitan Police Service refused to share its figure, in June it said that about 10,000 of its computers were still running on Windows XP.

Even when they appear to come from a friend or coworker, use extreme caution – their email address might have been compromised by someone trying to attack you.

When in doubt, call the person or company directly to check first – and do so using an official number, never the phone number listed in the email.

To make it simple to generate – and remember – long, strong and unique passwords, subscribe to a reputable password manager that suggests strong passwords and stores them in an encrypted file on your own computer.

Most computers, phones and tablets have a built-in activity monitor that lets users see the device's memory use and network traffic in real time.

A shocking new report has revealed that Greater Manchester Police are still using computers running on Windows XP.

The outdated software no longer has support from Microsoft, leaving computers vulnerable to a ransomware attack, experts suggest.

That is what happened in the NHS with the recent Wannacry outbreak.'The news comes just months after the Wannacry outbreak, which saw NHS computers running on Windows XP infected with ransomware.From quick media searches, to helping us identify the most strategic opportunities for our clients, the features are easy to use and intuitive.Their reps are always available to us at a moment’s notice, and a pleasure to work with.Paul Mayger, the Met's information manager told the BBC: 'Disclosing further information would reveal potential weaknesses and vulnerability.'This would be damaging as criminals/terrorists would gain a greater understanding of the MPS's systems, enabling them to take steps to counter them.'Dr Murdoch added that even if police forces don't disclose their numbers, skilled hackers will still be able to identify vulnerable systems.He said: 'There is probably not much harm in disclosure, since if someone can get access to the computers, it's relatively easy to work out which ones are running Windows XP.'There are standard toolkits that adversaries use to run all the exploits they are aware of, and if anything works, then they will go with that.'When it's set up, the system asks for a login and password just like usual – but then sends a unique numeric code to another device, using text message, email or a specialized app.Without access to that other device, the login is refused.That makes it much harder to hack into someone's account – but users have to enable it themselves.Notably, in IIS 7, each authentication mechanism is isolated into its own module and can be installed or uninstalled.IIS 8.5 has several improvements related to performance in large-scale scenarios, such as those used by commercial hosting providers and Microsoft's own cloud offerings.IIS supports HTTP, HTTP/2, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, SMTP and NNTP.It has been an integral part of the Windows NT family since Windows NT 4.0, though it may be absent from some editions (e.g.


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  2. A shocking new report has revealed that Greater Manchester Police are still using computers running on Windows XP. The outdated software no longer has.

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