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While the process is rather superficial, it is arguably fundamental to the college dating world.We are constantly missing out on the opportunity to fully get to know our peers, because the number of peers we have has exponentially increased.In the dating world, there are always plenty of fish in the sea.Incoming college students, however, must deal with a dramatic transition in their dating pool as their high school pond becomes a university current.

Most importantly, it gives us the opportunity to take charge of our dating lives in a way that would not be possible through interpersonal encounters.

If someone wishes to see any additional information on a person, such as their bio and various interests, they must click on their profile and explore further themselves.

The face value of a Tinder profile literally becomes your own face value.

Firstly, the app greatly emphasizes appearances by providing a picture, name, age and distance (from the respective user) as each person’s profile.

Tinder deems these four factors conducive for swiping left or right.


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