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Christian son dating jewish girl

I’m so grateful for having your presence in my life!

I’m Jewish, but coming from the Soviet Union, I’m not a religious Jew.

I always find something new, and most importantly you always manage to lift my spirits.Without negating your pain, the overwhelming majority of Jewish Day School graduates had very different experiences than you did. This is the first time I heard a minister of God to say a very kind set of words; “You have a relationship with God – use it. Perhaps this wonderful girl will be the path that brings your son into knowledge of his traditions.Turn to Him and ask Him to expose your son and his fiancée to the importance of faith. Maybe you too will begin to value traditional religion and just as importantly, religious affiliation with a faith family.You can’t turn to your son now and demand that he place his religion above his emotions of love when he has no knowledge or experience of that religion. This will do much to bring such understanding into your children’s home. Btw, how did you like Pres Trump having a Rabbi reading a prayer at the inauguration along with others of different faiths? Have me looking for places in Redmond area so I can be closer to them…and I have been afraid if I were too close my jewishness would cause them to keep grandchildren away. they are happy with me being kosher and they adapt… From your mouth to G-d’s ear Dear Leslie- It’s a whole lot more than ‘bringing Judaism into every facet of life’.Finally, you again trivialize the serious disorders suffered by warriors who have endured the horrors of battle by calling what you experienced in Hebrew school, post traumatic stress disorder. You don’t know me; you don’t know the degree I have suffered and my life has been destroyed by your “Torah education.” And you don’t know how many others have suffered likewise or worse.Lastly you utterly overlook any possibility of others having enjoyed their Hebrew school experiences. Please, parents, spare your children from the prison of “day school.” Let them be who they are and pursue their own dreams.Do you want them in school until 6 o’clock at night every day?Do you want to prevent them from having friendships because they might bond with someone not in your religious group?We’d like to start by giving some background information to our readers.When you say, ‘Russian’ you are not referring to anyone Jewish who is from Russia. We assume the ‘Russian’ of which you speak is most likely not connected to any religion at all or possibly from a Christian Russian Orthodox background.


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