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They are at least the third pair of long-term coupled celebs to split in recent months, and we’re wondering why, why must you make us sad, Susan and Tim, Charlize and Stuart … "I'm married," Stuart told People magazine in 2007."I didn't do a church wedding or anything, but we're married."I found this old Victorian ring with little forget-me-nots.I gave it to her as a sign of our commitment to each other.Dylan Townsend, the Irish actor's brother, has revealed that Stuart has fallen in love with a Costa Rican woman and she is expecting his second child soon. he's been off the map for the past year," Dylan told , continued: "He's about to have a second child and he's fallen in love with a Costa Rican girl as well and he has a piece of land so, yeah, totally new journey for him." News that Stuart has started a family comes as a shock to fans; the star has kept a low-profile since his split from Charlize in 2010 after nine years of dating.They were so close, they used to describe themselves as "husband and wife" and declared they didn't need a wedding ceremony to affirm their love. The Oscar winning beauty is dating newly single 'Modern Family' star Eric Stonestreet - who plays gay character Cameron Tucker in the hit comedy series - according to the Mail on Sunday newspaper.

The thirty seven year old revealed in May that she was relishing her new role as a mother-of-one. I've got to tell you, I'm available for other babies' diapers to be changed. I am so good.'I now know how to change a Japanese diaper, a Spanish diaper, an English diaper, a German diaper.Theron and Townsend splitting after nine years together.Charlize Theron and Stuart Townsend reportedly broke up last month after nine years together. Charlize said numerous times over the years that she and Stuart would not marry until it was legal for gays and lesbians in the United States, but that they considered themselves married.We're super worried about Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, but relieved that Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham made it legal last year.And no wonder Camila Alves's mom wants Matthew Mc Conaughey to put a ring on it.They're giving a substantial boost to the struggling celebrity-obsession trade, and we appreciate it.If not that, then we guess there's such a thing as a five- or nine- or twenty-one-year itch. “They have to wait a long time — a very long time,” she said. “Once I had my kids, the first two years you’re so — you turn into such a mom. I had no desire to date or anything.” Now that she’s dating again — after her two-year relationship with Sean Penn ended in June 2015 — Theron makes sure she takes time getting to know a potential partner before she introduces them to her kids.“I think some people try to be cool, I think he was just cool.” The famous duo were able to keep their date private by avoiding popular Los Angeles hot spots and going out at an unusual time. I’ve definitely been in relationships that I’ve allowed things I shouldn’t.” RELATED VIDEO: Inside Story: How the Pressures of Fame Impacted Tarek and Christina El Moussa’s Marriage Later in the chat, Theron spoke about marriage — explaining why she’s never walked down the aisle. “I want to have a partner and have a monogamous long-term relationship, I really do. My heart and my life and how I am with that guy is going to be exactly the same. I don’t need the white dress.” Her longest relationship in the public eye has been with ex-boyfriend Stuart Townsend, whom Theron split from in 2010 after a decade of dating. ” Though she confirmed their split was devastating and sent her to therapy trying to make their relationship last, Theron was quick to explain the break up didn’t lead to a mistrust of men. “We went for a 9 mile hike in the middle of the night,” Theron said. “I feel like I was married, I just didn’t want to have a ceremony,” she said of their pairing. And while marriage may not be important to her now, she also admitted that it doesn’t mean she won’t get married in the future.


  1. Charlize Theron on Dating as. “I wish I could meet people. Her longest relationship in the public eye has been with ex-boyfriend Stuart Townsend, whom Theron.

  2. Scarily good looking actress Charlize Theron is rumoured to be dating actor Eric. Charlize has been single since she split from Stuart Townsend after nine.

  3. Charlize Theron addressed rumors that she's dating Gabriel. Charlize Theron Addresses Gabriel Aubry Dating Rumors. whose dated Stuart Townsend and.

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