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Casey and derek dating

The essay below was written in 2011 and because of the buzzfeed article I wanted to post it because I kind of hate everything about the idea that Derek and Casey dating would be “weird”.Some of the stats are different because time has passed but the arguments still stand. Life with Derek ended seven years ago, but fans haven't stopped shipping the two lead characters, Casey Mac Donald and Derek Venturi — even though they're stepsiblings. Sure, they're step-siblings who didn't grow up together so by Clueless rules it's okay, but it feels icky to see two siblings on a kid's show with so much sexual tension.Here are five uncomfortable examples of chemistry between two actors that clearly was NOT meant to be part of the plot:.Casey gets angry when Kendra posts misleading fliers, however is content when Kendra tells her of her cross-referencing plan.Meanwhile, this is an open chance for Derek to throw a party. Sounds like Kendra thinks Saturday is a real date not a pretend date.

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" she asked, turning her entire body towards the lump under her covers."I want you … NOW."Casey scooted her chair over to the edge of the bed and put her face up to the edge of the blanket with a sigh. Casey, giggling, playfully swatted at him as her wrestled her to the mattress. You and I both have exams soon, and if I don't do well on mine, then there's no way I'm getting into the English Language and Literature concentration. ""Mmmmm, don't care," Derek groaned, nuzzling into her neck. Life had been like this all semester—Casey trying to put her nose to the grindstone and Derek trying to put his nose elsewhere.

Either way, this scene is super uncomfortable to watch with your parents in the room.

This opening exchange is supposed to just be a throwaway joke, but weirdly sets the scene for a grown man who is hitting on someone with the body of a child, or an immortal being who is pretty receptive to the advances of a baby of 40something years. Leggat explained how it just made sense for Casey and Derek to be together and is "a natural progression for them. However, neither actor could share any Dasey fan fiction they've read over the years simply because it's way too inappropriate.

'Cuz I want my sons to treat the girls they date with the same respect they show their sisters!

Yvette: My dad is ten years older than my mum and they're married.


  1. Lizzie's soccer coach asks Casey out. Derek discovers the coach is dating someone other than Casey, and not telling Casey was making him quite insane and he begins to.

  2. Directed by Craig Pryce. With Michael Seater, Ashley Leggat, Jordan Todosey, Daniel Magder. Derek and Edwin both strike out despite Derek's patented dating techniques.

  3. YOU ARE READING. Life with Derek Dating Derek Fanfiction. I used to go to Derek's and Casey's school I was different then I was unique but in college I changed I have.

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