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This is all handled by our partners at will set the transaction up with your choice.The domain name transfer process is streamlined and can happen within a few hours, on most transactions. It’s a powerful tool for pro users, and comes with the assurance of a 30-day money back guarantee. And, well, not FRENCH fries, in fact: belgians fries! It improves consistency, ensures quality and helps to enforce style guides.I'm sure there will be something in this list that appeals to your own sweet tooth. About the grammar issue, I don't think there isn't any difference between the two French languages, although I'm not 100% sure of that. This will also explain the next steps in the transaction process. We do offer payment programs, on some transactions.

If you have a request for any deviation from this listed and appraised sales price, please fill out the form below and add the remarks that you would like. You will receive emails from our sales and domain staff to assist in the sale and closing of this transaction.YOUR IP ADDRESS IS All domain names listed for sale on Top are legally owned by our US based corporation.Our domain inventory changes daily and is updated every hour. And, well, not FRENCH fries, in fact: belgians fries! And mister Sax, and George Simenon, and Jacques Brel, and Johnny Haliday, and some others... floor mop=serpillère (BE)=torchon (FR) kitchen/dish towel= essuie de cuisine (BE)=torchon (FR) kitchen/dish cloth= lavette (BE)=torchon (FR) bath towel=essuie (BE)=servillette (FR) napkin=servillette (BE)=servillette (FR) t-shirt=t-shirt (BE)= maillot (de corps) (FR) restrooms=la toilette (BE)=les toilettes (FR) torrential rain=drache (BE)(fam.)=douche (FR)(fam.) breakfast=déjeuner (BE)=petit-déjeuner (FR) lunch=dîner (BE)=déjeuner (FR) dinner=souper (BE)=dîner (FR) I would say that the French "U" becoming "OU" doesn't happen everywhere in Belgium... (Don't forget Belgium has heavy influence from The Netherlands and Germany). Now here’s a top list that will get you salivating, laughing and thinking.If you’re into brain teasers or are thrilled by the idea of evil candy gingerbread men, bunny tornadoes or hiring prostitutes from candy dispensers, you’ll love this collection.Our domain sales and support team is available 24 hours a day - 7 days a week in our US based data center.Our companies are long term corporate partners with both for payment processing of any domain name sales. Our company does not collect any payment information such as credit cards, bank information, etc.If not, perhaps you’re into shockvertising, the misfortune of others or even Barbie.Whatever you like, these clever candy ads have it all.


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  2. Don't forget Magritte - and all those wonderful Flemish masters - Rubens, for one - or don't they count as Belgian, dating from before Belgium was so named. and, apart from Tintin, the most famous fictional Belgian of all, perhaps, Hercule Poirot - the creation of an Englishwoman. Regards, Jenny.

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