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Are dustin zito and heather marter still dating

Here is a zoomed in and enhanced version of the photo in which you can see Dustin and his alleged victim a little better: A number of Dustin’s friends have tweeted their support as well, most of which defending his character and that he just isn’t the kind of guy that would grope a girl at a bar — even if he was smashed.Either way, Dustin was charged with sexual battery, resisting an officer violently, disturbing the peace by intoxication and remaining after being forbidden.We look forward to hosting the new cast." The penthouse suite for the cast has a large set living room, four bedrooms, and built-in bowling alley.and established the Creek to College program that encourages residents to pursue education.Heather’s amazing facial reactions On a lighter note, Heather Marter has one of the best bitch faces we've ever seen (second only to Sadie Saxton, of course) and she could always be counted on for a well-placed stink-eye every time one of her housemates did something crazy in Vegas.

Amazingly, Dustin is wearing the exact same shirt (and judging from the security camera screen grab below, the exact same red shorts) as he was wearing in this promotional shot from ! Here’s the police report filed by Corporal Michael Milazzo with the Lafayette Police Department: On July 14th, 2013 at approximately am, Dustin Zito was placed under arrest after officers were requested by employees to enter City Bar and clear the crowd after closing time.According to the Milazzo, Zito gripped the bottle tighter as he attempted to grab it and refused to put it down.Officers then began to physically escort the subject towards the exit at which time he stated to the officer “F*** it!In this season, the cast interns with a charity called the Athlete Recovery Fund, doing weekly assignments, such as working at motorbike events.Hard Rock President and Chief Executive Officer Joseph Magliarditi commented, "We are very excited to partner with MTV and their hit reality show series The Real World for the 25th season in Las Vegas...While he was open with Heather about it (after she found out from her own mother!) during "Real World: Las Vegas," Dustin's ability to talk comfortably about his ex-career has clearly evolved over time.It is the third season to be filmed in the Mountain States region of the United States, specifically in Nevada.The season featured a total of eight cast members over the course of the season, as one cast member was evicted and replaced.While inside, a female subject advised officers that she was bending over at the cigarette machine when Zito reached under her dress and grabbed her genitals without consent.Officers then made contact with Zito and advised him to put down his glass beer bottle and exit the business.


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