Aph england dating game

He’d tell you things he wished somebody told him when he was younger, and make sure that at all times, you’re happy with your partner.China/Yao Wang: He would be really overprotective, always looking for signs that your partner is going to stay committed.He wouldn’t get the fact that it’s only your first relationship, so if by any chance they left, or you experienced rocky spots, he would fret and fume about it for days.At the end, however, he would light up just seeing you smile at your boyfriend/girlfriend.Britain/Arthur Kirkland: He would insist that your boyfriend/girlfriend treat you properly, often dropping not-so-subtle hints to do things like hold your hand at the movies, or offer you their jackets, etc.He’d also give you long talks about how if your new boyfriend/girlfriend is making things go “too fast,” you need to break up with them immediately.Italy/Feliciano Vargas: Feli really likes Boo, the world’s cutest dog, just because he’s so adorable and fluffly. Romano/Lovino Vargas: Lovino doesn’t really like memes, he has to admit, but if he had to chose one, he would definitely go with Rickrolling, just because it fucks with people.Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt: Ludwig has a whole collection of dank memes, but don’t tell anyone unless you want an angry German at your doorstep.

Italy/Feliciano Vargas: If possible, he’d get even more excited about your new boyfriend/girlfriend than you.Because of this, Ivan has become a master at photoshop and gif making.China/Yao Wang: Yao’s favorite meme would have to be the Grass Mud Horse, just because it looks so cute, fights censorship, and literally, the Chinese version translates to ‘fuck your mother’.He wouldn’t enjoy the heavy chain armor, instead, preferring for simple peasant clothing and a longsword and bow.He would live in quite a high ranked house with his sister, and even back then, run his own monopoly. Liechtenstein/Noah Zwingli: Noah would be a shy, timid boy, always wanting to avoid the conflict, and only leaving the family property his sister owned if it was to meet up with a friend or go to the market to buy produce.Canada/Matthew Williams: He would be the kind of dad who would be really nice about his kid dating somebody.If things got late, he’d insist they stay over at your place, though not going so far as to offer you a room.However, he’d always be on the lookout for signs that you aren’t happy in your relationship.He’d be the biggest shipper of you and your girlfriend/boyfriend ever.He would, however, privately remind you that since it’s your first time dating someone, you need to be careful, and make sure that your purse/backpack always has condoms.He would literally go out and buy you a pack if you didn’t already have any.


  1. APH Card Kissing Game by Mouichi. Pinterest. *notices a girl walking by no Romano your dating. Hetalia America and England dancing lol! APH America and.

  2. APH Dating Game pt 1 - A fun Hetalia dating game--see part 2 for the rest. Girls only, unless you're gay or bisexual. Make sure you review and tell us who you got!

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  4. Find this Pin and more on APH America by itsyabnhagal. Norway & Sweden Guys teach me how to play this game and how do. APH France and England comic Awhhh c'est.

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