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Evolution requires time, a great deal of time, millions of years.As James Dickson said, “It takes a LOT of time for evolution to occur.” Creationist Science agrees with this statement completely.When I brought that key point up, the comments were all along the line that placental evolution occurred millions of years ago.

We would be able to measure the reaction with the proper equipment, but just with my eves, I couldn’t notice a difference.” Twice he says, “I know.” How do we know this common piece of knowledge?

Instead they reply with mockery, insults and ridicule. They constantly ask, “What evidence would you accept? They also frequently ask, “What are your qualifications for saying that?

” Perhaps they believe that truth and verifiable evidence changes depending on your degree, certification or some other way you meet their approval. Out of hundreds, perhaps thousands of Secular Humanist comments on the facebook page “Creationism,” I have seen a few attempts to present actual evidence.


Secularists, when asked for evidence to support their position, reply with comments that show they neither read the article in question, nor do they understand the issues being discussed.


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